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           Coleco games                      Williams Elecronics inc.  "The makers of the Defender arcade game"                            Midway games.. The makers of many arcade greats.                        Atari                          The makers of many classics arcade games Favorites such as PAC MAN and DIDDUG                    Sega Amusements of USA inc.

You must own a copy to the original rom before you can legally download a file from Mame32 roms download area !!

Welcome to Mame32 rom downloads. Here below you will find a list of your favorite game roms and the emulator program to play them with. These games are images that were taken from actual arcade games machines and are not copies or remakes and can be subject to copy rite laws. This is why we ask for you to please own a copy of the game before you download a file from the roms download section below. Any copy of the game rom anywhere from Atari 2600 to NES cartridges count along with ps2 arcade classics games. If you are new to the Mame32 roms download scene after running the arcade games with the emulator you'll agree that there isn't a console out that can match the original arcade game machine visuals like these arcade images. Play Asteroids, Centipede, Defender, Frogger, Galaga, Pac Man, Mrs. Pac man, Missile command, Phoenix, Tetris and Tempest along with all the rest of the best games just the way you remembered them! To run these arcade games with the emulator just put the Rom zips into the "Roms" folder then run the exe and click "audit all games, then the rom should show up under the "available games" tab. Click (here) for a video demonstration. All the roms below are tested prior to posting and all work.

Whats Mame32?

Mame32 is an emulator. Simply put, it enables a standard PC to mimic the internal hardware of a large number of stand alone arcade machines from 1978 to 2000. When you play a game with the emulator, you're not playing a recreation of the original arcade hit, when you play the games with the emulator You're running the exact same software that was written for a Z80 microprocessor almost twenty years ago. Combined with the original software from these arcade machines, the emulator will display and play the games on a PC in its original state. The software thinks it's still running on its original box. Mame32 is short for, the M.ultiple A.rcade M.achine E.mulator for the windows 32 bit format. Over 2000 games are available for this program. The more popular mame32 roms and several versions of the emulator from old to new can both be downloaded from below.

System Requirements:

Any computer with a Pentium 2 processor or better with 128 megabits of ram along with a 2d video card that meets the roms system requirements which is minimal by today's pc standards in 2013. This arcade emulator runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and on Windows 7&8. Ensure the latest version of DirectX is installed before proceeding to to the Mame32 rom download area. NT4 users will need SP4 or greater.

Mame32 download

NEW Mame32 download v103b

Mame32 download v97

 Mame32 download v93

 Mame32 download v89

Mame32 download v62 (Will play Galaga)

Mame32 rom downloads

After Burner 2 Mame32 After Burner

Air wolf Mame32 roms

Alien syndrome  Download Alien Syndrome

Altered Beast Alterded Beast Download

Asteroids Asteroids

Asteroids Deluxe  Asteroids Delux

A Tetris  A.Tetris           

Battle 19422 Great Military game 

Battle 1943 Updated version of 1942,, plays well


Battlezone Atari's Battlezone

Bezerk   Bezerk

Blade Master Blade Master

Black Panther Black Panther

Black Tiger Black Tiger

Blaster Mame32 Blaster

Blockade simple fun 2 player game

Breakthrouh  Breakthrough

Cadillac's &Dinosaurs This is a good game

Cable Cable

Centipede  Centipede

Contra Contra

Crystal Castels  Crystal Castles

Cruisin USA Crusin USa

Defender  Mame Defender

Dig Dug  original Digdug

Dig Dug 2  Dig Dug

Donkey Kong Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong jr. Donkey Kong Jr

Frogger  Frogger

Galaga  Galaga

Galaga 88 galaga 88

Galaxian  Galaxian

Ghost Busters  Mame emulator 9.4

Gridelee  Gridelee

Gorf  Gorf

Inferno Inferno

Invaders   space Invaders

Joust  Joust

Karate Champ  Karate Champ

Kung fu Master  Kung Fu Master

Marble Madness Marble madness

Mario Brothers  Mario

Mega attack Mega atack

Mega Man Mega Man

Mega zone Mega Zone

Millipede Millipede

Missile command  Missle command

Miss Pac man  Mrs Pac Man

Mortal Kombat-v1 Mortal Combat v1

Moon Patrol  Moon patrol

Pac land  Pac Land

Pac Man  Pac man

Pac Mania  Pac Mainia

Pac-n-Pal Pan-N-Pal

Pheonix  Pheonix

Pin Ball  Pin Ball

Pittfall 2 mame Pittfall 2

Pole Position   Pole Position

Popeye  Popeye

Punch out  Punch out 

Q-Bert  Q-Bert

Rambo 3 Rambo 3

Rampage  Rampage

Renegade  Renegade 

Robo cop   Robo Cop

Rob Kid Robo Kid

Sinbad  Mame Sinbad

Sea Cross Sea cross

Star wars  Star wars

Super breakout Super Breakout

Super Pac man  Super Pac man 

Swat  Swat

Tasmania  Tasmania

Tempest  Tempest

wheel of Fortune  wheel of Fortune


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